Mobile app PIN

Staff and postgraduate researchers will need to set a 4-digit PIN to use Microsoft apps on their mobile device when connected to their University IT account. Student will not need to set a PIN.

It is really important that your University documents are stored securely when using Office mobile apps on your personal mobile device. The first time you use any mobile app you will need to login with your full University email address (i.e. and password so that you can access your University OneDrive.

University login page - mobile view

Setup your PIN

You will be asked to set a 4-digit PIN. This is so that you don’t need to enter your password each time you use a Microsoft app.

Enter your PIN

Routinely, you will need to enter this 4-digit PIN to use a Microsoft mobile app. This will not affect any personal or OneDrive accounts you have setup on your mobile device.

If you have an Apple IOS or Android device that supports Touch ID, you may optionally login using your fingerprint sensor. You will still need to setup a PIN.

The 4-digit PIN is required so that you comply with the University information security policies.

Company Portal

Android devices

On Android devices, you will be prompted to install the Intune Company Portal to enable you to use Microsoft apps with a PIN.

You do not need to login to the Intune Company Portal to enable the PIN, you only need to install it.

This app is not required on Apple iOS or Windows devices.

What if I have forgotten my PIN?

If you forget the PIN you have set, you can still login using your University IT account username and password. Choose the option Forgot your PIN? to enter a new PIN.

Forgot your PIN

Which apps require a PIN?

A PIN will be required for the following Microsoft apps when connected to your University IT account:

What do I need to know?

  • When you use or setup one of the mobile apps connected to your University IT account, any data will be stored in an encrypted area of your device. In exceptional cases (to prevent loss of University information where a serious investigation involving fraud or misconduct is underway, and will only do so at the instruction of HR and/or Information Assurance Services) it is possible this University data could be erased from your device.
  • You won’t be able to copy or save a file from your University files to a personal account e.g. a personal OneDrive. But you can copy between apps that use your University IT account
  • If you open a link within an Microsoft app you can choose the browser it will open in, or it will open in the default web browser. You no longer need to use the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser app
  • If you work without internet connection you should regularly connect your device so that updates can be synchronised, otherwise you may lose your recent changes.
  • You must connect your device at least every 90 days otherwise the files will be removed from your device

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