Your X: drive consists of a single folder. The top two levels are managed by IT Services. You can add files and folders below this.

The X: drive folderThe X: drive folder

Each department has a single folder on the X: drive. If you work closely with another department or as part of a project, you may be given access to other folders on the X: drive.

You will only see the folders you have access to at the top level.

Top levels

Your department has defined the folders at levels 1 and 2, these were created by IT Services.

Structure level 1 and 2

Access to folders is set at level 2. Access Groups have been defined by your department and set up by IT Services. Your X: drive coordinator can add and remove members from the groups.

Subsequent levels

Everything after Level 2 is created by the department. This is your department's working area. If you have been given read and write access to a Level 2 folder you’ll be able to create, edit and delete folders and files within that folder.

Subsequent levels

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