Storage and backup

Your shared departmental X: drive has an agreed storage limit. You can recover files yourself within 5 days or contact the IT Service Desk for help.

Storage space

The X: drive is ‘free at the point of use’. However the storage has an associated cost to the University. Your department has agreed a storage limit with IT Services.

IT Services will monitor usage and will contact departments who are approaching their capacity to review this.

Backup and recovery

Backups will be taken nightly and held in a separate building for 28 days. Monthly backups are also taken and held for 12 months. In the event of a major incident (for example, the loss of a datacentre) it is possible that up to one business days data could be lost.

If you delete a file or folder you can recover previous versions without the need to contact the IT Service Desk. It is possible to recover these files for 5 days or more.

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