Access permissions

Access to the shared departmental X: drive is managed exclusively using Access Groups. An individual can be added to or removed from Access Groups to control permissions.

Request access to a folder

You will need to contact your X: drive coordinator to get access to a folder. They will consider how best to accommodate your request. As access is given by adding people to a group they will decide which group to allocate a person to. They will also check that the person is not given access to areas that are restricted.

Where necessary the X: drive coordinator will liaise with the IT Service Desk if other changes are required.

External collaborators

The X: drive can be made available to anyone with a University IT account. It may be appropriate for external collaborators to have an external IT account. The Head of Department or Departmental IT Contact (DITC) can request an external account by contacting the IT Service Desk on behalf of the individual.

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