Shared departmental X: drive

The shared departmental X: drive allows you to share files securely.

It is designed to be used by staff to store files and documentation that relates to the management and operation of the University. You will only see the folders you have access to at the top level.

How to access the X: drive

On a University PC or University Staff Laptop, the X: drive will be connected automatically and will show as Shared Departmental (X:) in Windows Explorer.

If you need to be given access to a folder, contact your X: Drive Coordinator (login required).

From a Mac

You can connect to the X: drive on a Mac on campus.


Off-campus access: You can request University remote access (VPN) to work on documents off-campus on your University laptop

External collaborators

You can access the X: drive if you have an external IT account

Use your X: drive

Your X: drive coordinator

Each department has an X: drive coordinator who has been nominated by your Head of Department. Your X: drive coordinator can give access to folders and request new level 1 and 2 folders.

How the X: drive is organised

Request a new top level folder

You can request for a new top level folder, by contacting the IT Service Desk. This will be discussed with the IT Services Partnering team who will consult with Heads of College Administration and/or the Registrar for approval.

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