Committee folders on X: Drive

University committee papers should be stored securely on the University’s Shared Departmental X: drive.

The papers can be accessed electronically on and off campus by committee members and attendees.

Access to the committee papers requires a University IT account username and password.

electronic papersVideo Watch this introduction video (7 minutes)

Request a new committee folder

You must ask IT Services to create new committee folders for you. Complete the New Committee Setup form Excel icon and email it to the IT Service Desk.

How does it work

To access the Committee folders

On campus

Choose Start > Computer > Shared Departmental (X:) > Committees > Web Access

Via a web browser

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your University IT account username and password
  3. Click on Departmental-X-drive > Committees

The documents in the Committee Public folder can be read by anyone with a University IT account. The Public folder should contains dates for the year, memberships list and Terms of Reference for the Committee. All other folders can only be accessed members and attendees of the committee.

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