WebDAV on Linux

How to access MyFiles off-campus using WebDAV on Linux.


To use WebDAV via Nautilus:

  1. Open Nautilus
  2. Select File > Connect to Server...
    Connect to server Linux
  3. Enter the following details then click Connect:
    Service type Custom Location
    Location (URI)
    Bookmark name You can enter a name for the network location (optional)
    Connection details Linux
  4. Enter your University IT account username and password. Click Connect
    Enter your University IT account username and passowrd
  5. Navigate to the folder where your file is stored:
    • Personal Z: drive files are under the Home folder. Most of your files will be located in the My Documents folder.
    • Research File Store files are found in the Research-R-Drive folder
      R drive folder Linux

The maximum file size that can be transferred using WebDAV is limited to just under 2GB.

Command Line

To use WebDAV from the command line:

  1. Enter cadaver https://myfiles.le.ac.uk/myfiles/webdav
  2. Enter your University IT account username and password and click OK

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