Recovery and Compression

Instructions for recovering deleted files or folders from your Z: drive, as well as compressing files.

Recover a deleted file

Files can be recovered using Previous Versions from the Research R:, Shared Departmental X: and Personal Z: drives. These copies are taken every day at about 4am, 5am and 3am respectively [UK times] and are kept for:

  • Five days for Personal Z: drives
  • Five days or longer for Shared Departmental X: drives
  • Twelve days for the Research R: drive

Full instructions can be found on the Microsoft website under ‘Restoring files from previous versions’.

Recover a deleted folder

If you delete a folder in your personal Z: drive you can recover it.

1. Go to Start > Computer and open your personal Z: drive

1 z drive

2. Right click on a blank space and select Properties

2 properties

3. Select the Previous Versions tab

3 previous versions

4. Find the date that best matches when you deleted your folder. You can pick from yesterday, earlier this week, earlier this month and earlier this year

4 dates

5. Double click the Z: drive under the date

5 z drive

6. Your old Z: drive will open, with the date in brackets in the address bar. Go into your documents and find the folder you want to recover.

6 old z drive

7. Right click and Copy the folder, then paste it into your current Z: drive.

Compress files

Instructions for how to compress (zip) or extract (unzip) files are available on the Microsoft website.

If you regularly compress files, need to change the type of compression or want to set a password for compress files you can use 7-Zip. You can install this via the Program Installer.

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