Using an another email program (IMAP)

You can connect to your student email using IMAP and SMTP. IMAP is for incoming (or 'received' email) and SMTP is for outgoing email.

These are example programs which can connect in this way:

  • Mail (Mac OS X)
  • Thunderbird (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
  • Evolution (Linux)
  • Windows Live Mail

Find your IMAP and SMTP server names

You will need to configure the following server details for incoming (or 'received' email) and outgoing email. To find these settings:

  1. Login to your student email account: Go to the webmail page and choose Student
  2. Click the Settings option in the top right of the screenSettings.jpg
  3. Choose Options from the menu
  4. On the account page, click Settings for POP or IMAP access... at the bottom of the page

  5. A settings window will pop up. Make a note of your email server name under IMAP and your outgoing server name under SMTP
    Click Settings IMAP
  6. Where you are asked to enter your email address or username, enter your full student email address in the format

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