Use Public Folders

Public folders are due to be withdrawn from July 2017.

Public folders allow information to be shared between groups of people. These folders are stored in a location where anyone that has permission can open the folders to view and add content. Items in Public Folders appear like the items in your own mailbox.

Access public folders

Folder list

  1. Click the Folder List icon in the Navigation Pane on the bottom left of the screen to list all your email folders
  2. expand public folders
  3. In the Folder List locate Public Folders and click the arrow next to the folder’s name to expand it
  4. Expand the folder named All Public Folders
  5. Select the folder you have been given permission to access. Double-click a message in the folder to read it

The folder named News Items holds the current News items from IT Services.

Post items to a Public Folder

Post items in public folders

If you have permission to create a new message in a folder you can do so by selecting New Post from the home tab on the ribbon. A window opens and you can enter your message.

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