Share information

There are a number of ways to share information you have stored in your email account with other University staff.

Allow another person to access your emails

You can allow other members of staff to access your email, such as for a Manager to PA, Manager to assistant or allow for Holiday cover.

Alternatives to sending attachments

To share files with colleagues, consider alternatives such as:

  • Saving the document to a shared location on the departmental X: drive and sending a link to the document instead.
  • Use OneDrive

folderShare a folder

You can give someone access to a folder in your mailbox by giving them permissions.

Delegate Access

Giving someone Delegate Access gives them access to your folders and permission to send email messages on your behalf.

Open another person’s folder

If you have been given permission to access someone else’s folder you can open the folder in Outlook.

Add an additional mailbox

If you have a shared mailbox, you can open this account in Outlook. You will then be able to send and receive emails from this mailbox.

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