Share a folder

To share information in your default Outlook folders (Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Journal) you need to change their access permissions.

If you share a folder with someone, any sub-folders are also shared automatically.

Change the permissions on a folder

1. Locate and select the folder you would like to share

2. From the ribbon, in the folder tab group, choose Folder Permissions

Folder permissions

3. Select the Permissions tab from the Properties window which opens


4. Click on the Add… button and the Global Address List will open

5. Locate the person you want to share the folder with, click on the Add -> button, then click Ok.

6. In the Properties window select the person you have added 

7. Click on the arrow next to Permissions Level and select the required permission level from the menu, then click Ok.

permission levels

Items marked private

If you receive items which are marked Private then these will not be shared. To allow someone to see these you will need to use Delegate access. 

Permission levels

There are a number of permission levels available when sharing folders, these are presets to give read only, partial or full access to a folder. The ones you are most likely to use are:

  • Reviewer: This allows the person you gave permissions to let them read items in the folder. They will not be able to create items (e.g. calendar appointments if the folder is your calendar).
  • Contributor: This allows the person you gave permissions to create items in the folder e.g. they would be able to create appointments or tasks. They would be unable to edit these items once created.
  • Author: this gives the person both Reviewer and Contributor permissions  
  • Owner: This gives the person full permissions over the folder, but they would not be able to see any items sent to you that are marked private.

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