Open another person's folder

When you are given access to another person’s folders there are two ways to access them in Outlook:

  • Temporarily open the folder you have been given permissions to by displaying it in Outlook instead of your own inbox
  • If you need access to the folder more frequently you can display the other person’s folders from your own Folder List in Outlook

Temporarily open another person’s folder

1. Select File > Open

2. Click Other User’s Folder

other users folder

3. In Folder Type choose which folder you wish to access e.g. Inbox, Calendarfolder type

4. In Name enter the username of the person whose folders you have access to

5. If you don’t know the username you click Name and search for them using the Global Address List

6. The folder you have permissions to will appear in the main Outlook window You can change back to your own folders by selecting them from the folder list

Display other person’s folders in your own folder list

1. Select File > Info

2. From the drop down menu choose Account Settings

account settings

3. In the Account Settings window ensure your name and type is highlighted and click Change..… just above them

With the name highlighted, click change

4. From the Change Account window click More SettingsMore settings

5. Select the Advanced tab and click the add button

From the advanced tab, click add

6. Enter the username of the person whose folders you have access to and click Ok

7. Their mailbox will be listed under Open these additional mailboxes

8. Click Ok then > Next then > Finish

The other user’s mailbox will now be listed in your own Folders List in Outlook. If you click the triangle next to the other user’s mailbox name you will see a list of the Outlook folders you can access.

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