Add an additional mailbox

If you have a shared mailbox, you can open this account in Outlook. You will then be able to send and receive emails from this mailbox.

Before adding a mailbox, ensure you have full access permissions to the email account you want to add.

  1. Close Outlook 2013
  2. Go to Start and open the Control Panel
    2 control panel
  3. Search mail in the search box
    4 mail
  4. Click the Mail icon
  5. Choose E-Mail Accounts
    3 email accounts
  6. Click New…
    7 New...
  7. Select Email Account and click Next
  8. Enter the full University Email Address you wish to add; containing the username followed by (e.g. Then click Next.
    Enter email address
  9. Click Next, then Finish
  10. When you open Outlook you may be prompted to enter your full University IT account login details your additional mailbox will  then appear on the left hand menu, underneath your current mailbox. Click the arrow next to it to expand the mailbox and view all of its contents.
    8 other mailbox

Removing an additional mailbox

  1. In Outlook click the File tab
  2. Click Account Settings > Account Settings
    9 remove
  3. Under Email your additional account will be listed. Select this account and click Remove.
    10 delete

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