Automatic archive settings

Automatic archive settings are predefined as policies. The following policies are in place:
  • Policies are not available until you have restarted Outlook the morning after your Outlook Online Archive has been created
  • Policies are set up using archive periods to choose the length of time before emails are moved to the Outlook Online Archive
  • Policies run every night to automatically archive emails to your Outlook Online Archive

Set an automatic archive policy

You can set an automatic archive policy for specific folders or for your entire mailbox depending upon whether you are using Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web App.

Automatic archive policy
Outlook 2010
Outlook Web App
Specific Folders
Yes Yes
Entire mailbox Yes No

How does an automatic archive policy work?

See an example of what happens when an automatic archive policy is set on a specific folder or on your entire mailbox:

Before you set an automatic archive policy you must be clear about whether you are changing the archive setting for a specific folder or for the entire mailbox. It is not recommended that you set a policy for an individual email

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