Find large messages

You can use the Search folders to quickly find the largest messages in your mailbox. Deleting a few large messages is a quick way to free up space.

Outlook has a Search folder that allows you to quickly find the largest messages in your mailbox.

  1. At the bottom of your folder list there is a folder called Search Folders. Click on the white arrow next to Search Folders to expand it.
  2. Choose the Large Mail search folder

    Search Folders large email

    If you do not see the Large Mail folder, you need to set it up:
    1. Right-click on Search Folders
    2. Choose New Search Folder...
    3. Scroll down to the section Organizing Mail
    4. Select Large mail
    5. Click OK
  3. You will see mail from all of your Outlook folders (Inbox, subfolders and Sent Items) categorised by size:
    • Enormous (bigger that 25 MB)
    • Huge (10 MB - 25 MB)
    • Very Large (5 MB - 10 MB)
    • Large (1 MB - 5 MB)
  4. Look at the Enormous, Huge and Very Large emails to see whether you can delete them or save and remove the attachments

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