Rights of a mailing list owner

As a list owner (or moderator) you need to:

  • Find subscriber information
  • Manage spam sent to your list
  • Configure settings associated with new subscribers

Setting general options

List owners have special privileges which allow them to set the general options for a mailing list. The options set will control how the list operates. To set these options, a list owner must visit http://lists.le.ac.uk/mailman/admin/... followed by the list name.

Display members of a specific list

To do this you need to:

  1. Login as an administrator
  2. Go to Membership Management
  3. List members are displayed at the bottom of the page

Requesting that members provide a name

Members are not required to provide a name. However, you can edit the HTML on the subscription page and ask them to provide it.

  1. Go to Edit the public HTML pages > General list information page.
  2. Enter your name where it says Subscribe to by filling out the form.

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