Apply for a mailing list

Who can apply for a mailing list?

  • Staff and research postgraduates
  • Undergraduates and taught postgraduates for a Student Society but you will need to contact DITC for the Student Union before applying

It is preferred that moderators of mailing lists are members of the University, but non-University members can be moderators too.

How to apply for a mailing list

Details we need

To create a mailing list for you, we need the following information.

Mailing list name

You should choose a name for your mailing list of up to 25 characters in length.
Names may contain:

  • Characters of the following categories: 
    - UK English uppercase (A – Z)
    - UK English lowercase (a – z)
    - Numbers (0 – 9)
  • Underscores ( _ ) and dashes ( - )

It must not:

  • Include any special characters, e.g. % $ * ^ & or spaces.
  • End with: -admin, –bounces, -join, -leave, –owner, -request
  • Contain the text: -bounce+ or -confirm+

Mailing list description

We need a brief description which describes what your mailing list is for. This is visible to people browsing your list online.

You will be able to add a moderator once your mailing list is set up.

Current mailing lists

A list of current mailing lists where the owners have decided to show publicly is available online. You can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from those lists.

Receiving a message from the mailing list

A message received from the mailing list will normally look like

[LISTNAME] Subject goes here

LISTNAME will be the name of the mailing list. Email messages will also come from an address which is also based on the list name.

To unsubscribe

You will need your password to change your subscription options or to unsubscribe. If you forget your password contact the IT Service Desk.

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