Delegate access

You can give other people permissions for each of your Outlook folders (Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes). If you give someone delegate permissions they will have:

  • Access to your folders
  • Permission to send email messages on your behalf

For example, if you give someone delegate permissions to your Inbox folder then they can reply to your email messages on your behalf.

Any messages they send from your mailbox will have your name in the Sent on Behalf Of: box and the delegate’s name in the From: box.

Give another user delegate access:

1. Click on the File tab > Info

2. Click on the Account Settings button and choose Delegate Access from the menu

Delegate access

3. Click on the Add… button. This will display the Global Address List.

add button

4. Locate the person you want to share with and click Ok

5. From the Delegates Permissions window select the access permissions required for each Outlook item: Inbox, Calendar etc.

delegate permissions
You can select one of four levels:

  • None: the person you selected as delegate will have no access to this folder
  • Reviewer: The person you selected as delegate can read items
  • Author: The person you selected as delegate can read and create items
  • Editor: The person you selected as delegate can read, create and modify items

Private items

Delegates cannot see any messages or appointments marked as private, unless you give the permission to do so. If you want a delegate to be able to access any items marked private then check the box marked Delegate can see my private items in the Delegate Permissions window.

Delegate can see private items

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