Manager to assistant delegate access

You can delegate permissions to use your Inbox and send emails on your behalf

If Dr Anita Baker gives delegate rights to Sarah Simkin, Sarah will be able to send emails from: Simkin, Sarah; on behalf of Baker, Anita (Dr)


  1. The owner should open Outlook
  2. Follow the steps to set up Delegate access setting the Inbox to give the level of access preferred: Reviewer; Author or Editor
  3. Change the mailbox settings below

Mailbox settings

This will allow the delegate to add you to their folder list in Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and select Mail
  2. Select your Mailbox in the folders list (e.g.
  3. From the ribbon, in the Properties group, choose Folder Permissions
    Folder permissions
  4. Click the Add.. button and the Global Address List will open
    Permissions add
  5. Find the person you want to share the folder with, click on the Add-> button, then click OK
  6. In the Properties window select the person you have added
  7. Click on the arrow next to Permissions Level and select Reviewer, then click OK


  1. Confirm with the owner that delegate access has been set up
  2. Follow the steps to Display other person’s folders in your own folder list

Once you have added and displayed the other person’s folders you will be able to reply or send mail on behalf of the owner, your name will also appear in the sender details. Sent emails will be stored in your Sent Items.

Show the From button

  • Begin a new email
  • Choose the Options tab > From
  • The From button will now appear on all emails you create or reply to

Choose the sender

  1. Begin a new email or reply
  2. Click the From button to choose which account to send the email from

You may wish to set up a second signature to use when sending from the owner’s email account.

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