Add or remove members

If you are the owner of a University email distribution group, you can add and remove members of the email group yourself.

As an email group owner you can add and remove members using:

Hidden or disabled IT accounts

When someone leaves the University their University IT account is disabled and will be hidden in the Address Book. Some accounts are hidden for other reasons. When you view the group using Outlook you won’t see the hidden members listed. To view and remove hidden members you need to use Outlook on the Web.

If your University email group is hidden in the Address Book, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk and ask them to unhide the group before you can change the membership.


If you are using a University PC on campus, you can add and remove members from your University email group using Outlook:

  1. Start Outlook and view your emails
  2. Click Address Book on the right of the Home tab
    Address Book
  3. Search to find your University email group and double-click on its name in the list
  4. Click Modify Members…
    Modify members
  5. To add a new member to the group:
    1. Click Add
    2. Search to find the name in the list
    3. Click Add ->
    4. Click OK
  6. To remove someone from the group, select them in the list and click Remove
  7. Click OK twice to save your changes

Outlook on the Web

  1. Go to the University webmail page and click on Access your University email
  2. Choose Settings (cog wheel)
  3. Click Mail on the right hand side of the screen
  4. Then navigate to General > Distribution groups
  5. Under the Distribution groups I own type in the name of the group you wish to amend or double click on the list.
  6. Click Edit (pencil icon)
  7. Click on membership
  8. To add new members:
    1. Click on the + (plus) symbol
    2. Search for the name
    3. Either double click on the name or click + (plus) next to the name
    4. You can add as many members to the list as you want. Click OK when you have finished.
    5. Click Save
  9. To remove existing members:
    1. Select the person to remove in the list of members
    2. Click - (minus) to remove them
    1. You can remove as many members as you want. Click OK when you have finished.
    2. Click Save

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