Mailing lists (Automated)

If you need to email groups of staff or students you can use a mailing list. These are automatically populated and available from the Global Address List in Outlook or the Outlook Web App.

Acceptable use

Emails sent using Mailing lists should be to benefit the University community in achieving its vision, espouse its values and are not to be used for marketing e.g. promoting external products, services etc. If you are unhappy with the content of an email sent to you using a Mailing list, contact Information Assurance Services for assistance.

How do I use a mailing list?

You can send an email message to a mailing list in the same way you send a message to one or more individuals. However in the case of a mailing list, an email will be sent to all recipients (members) in that mailing list.

You can choose a mailing list from the Global Address list from either Outlook or the Outlook on the web. Select Address Book > All Mailing Lists (Automated) to view only mailing lists:

Global Address List - Automated Mailing lists
All Mailing Lists (Automated) using Outlook

Global Address List - Automated Mailing lists - OWA
All Mailing lists (Automated) using the Outlook Web App

Each mailing list starts with ml- then by staff (which includes all paid staff, Emeritus/Honorary staff, but not including Unitemps), ug (undergraduate students), pgt (postgraduate taught students), or pgr (postgraduate research students), lastly followed by the name of the college or department name. See the Department heading in the Global Address list for the full name of the department or college.


The Mailing list for sending an email to:

  • Chemistry postgraduate taught students would be: ml-pgt-Chemistry
  • Postgraduate researchers in the College of Medicine, BSci & Psychology would be ml-pgr-ClgMedBscPsy
  • Staff in Corporate Services would be ml-staff-CorpServices

Expand a mailing list

The mailing list has a + next to the name, to show that it is a mailing list of members. You can expand the list by pressing +. You can remove individuals or groups if you need to, which will then not send to those individuals. However it will not remove them from the mailing list permanently.

Outlook is limited to sending to only 300 recipients in the To field - a mailing list counts as one recipient. However If you expand a mailing list, which has more than 300 recipients, then only the first 300 individuals will receive your email. You should use the Outlook on the web if you need to send to more than 300 recipients. In this case the maximum number of recipients is 1000, so expanding large mailing lists fully, is not recommended.

Who can send a message to a list?

  • Staff and honorary staff can send an email to a mailing list
  • Students and external staff are not able to send to a mailing list

It is not possible to an send an email to a mailing list using IMAP or SMTP.

How do I know who I will email if I send an email to a mailing list?

Mailing lists are based on the University organisation structure (login required)PDF icon. Groups toward the top, such as Corporate Services, include many other individuals and groups. If you email a mailing list that has other groups within it you will email ever member within that group and all groups within it. So it is important that you check to make sure you are happy to send the email to many people.

You can find the Members of a mailing list by expanding the mailing list. Alternatively in the Global Address List in Outlook you can right click on a Mailing list and choose Properties. In the Global Address List using the Outlook on the web, members are displayed to the right, when you click on a mailing list.

If you believe the organisation structure is incorrect, contact HR to request them to make changes.

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