Friendly email address

A Friendly email address allows staff to use a more meaningful name as their email address and choose to use it as their main email address. This is only available to staff or honorary staff that have a staff contract with the University.

So for example, if your name is Ellie Acey and your current email address is, you could request as your Friendly email address.

You would then be able to receive emails sent to Emails would continue to be sent from

Username: ea179
Email address:
Friendly email address:

Set your Friendly email address as your main email address

You can additionally ask for your Friendly email address to be set as your main email address. Emails would then be sent from You would still receive emails if they are sent to, but if you send a new email or reply, it will come to from

You need to be aware that your email address will be different. You may need to let people know your email address has changed, as they may not recognise you. If you send emails to mailing lists, you may need to re-register as your email address will not be recognised.

Acceptable addresses

These are the acceptable types of Friendly email addresses. You may be able to request a different variation if it reflects your real name.

firstname . surname
first initial . surname
firstname . secondname initial.surname
firstname inital . second name initial . surname
firstname initial second name initial . surname

Request a Friendly email address

Contact the IT Service Desk to request a Friendly email address. Make sure you have the following information:

  • Your University IT account username
  • The name of the Friendly email address you would like to register
  • Which email address you would like to use as your main email address

You can also change how your name appears on IT systems. Login to Employee Self Service, click on the Personal Profile section and update your Preferred First Name and Preferred Last Name.

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