University email alias

An email alias is used for publicising and email address for a University role e.g. head of department.

What is an alias?

They can be advertised on websites, business cards or other printed material. When a message is sent to an alias, it is forwarded on to the email address the alias points to.

An example might be an alias for the head of department e.g.

If the head of department was using Microsoft Outlook 2013 (or Outlook on the Web) their reply would come from their own email address. An alias is only used for incoming messages.

Email aliases can only point at University IT accounts. To send emails to those outside the University you will need to use a Mailing list.

Who can request aliases?

  • Members of staff can request aliases for their role or function in the department
  • Student societies can also request an alias

Alias Criteria

There are specific criteria for an alias to be accepted. Aliases:

  • Must be 18 characters or less
  • Can contain the characters A-Z, 0-9, *, _ and -. They cannot contain other characters. They cannot start with a number or the word ‘admin’
  • Must point to University IT accounts
  • Need to be specific. If you request an aliases which is a common, English language word, we may turn it down unless it is for a genuinely University wide function
  • For Student Union societies will always have su- put on the front by us (this means you only have 15 characters for the rest of the alias)

Request an alias

Contact the IT Service Desk on 2253 to request an alias. Make sure you have the following information:

  • The name of the alias you would like to register
  • The email address you would like it to send to
  • The purpose of the email alias (is it role based, for a conference, etc.)

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