Create, delete, reply or search for a message

Create a message

Click + new mail above the folder list. A new message will appear in the reading pane.

New email

Delete a message

Click the red cross next to a message to delete it.

delete - right click




Reply to or forward a message

At the top right of a message are three buttons:

  • To reply to a message click the Reply button reply
  • To reply to all recipients, including the sender, click the Reply All button reply all
  • To forward a message click the Forward button forward

Or, double click a message to open it and click Reply, Reply all, or Forward.

reply toolbar

Search for messages

To search your messages and attachments:

  1. Type into the search box at the top of the screen and click the Search button search button

  2. To show all the messages again or start a new search, click the X button button in the search box

    search this folder

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