Reset timetabled activities in your University calendar

You can access your University calendar, which contains your timetable, on your mobile device, laptop, web browser or a University PC on campus.

If a change is made to a timetabled activity in the University timetabling system, your University calendar will be updated automatically, without you needing to do anything. Find out more about your timetable on the personal timetable help page.

Calendar Reset tool

If you accidentally delete a timetabled activity, the event will not automatically move back to the correct date or timeTo restore deleted events or move them back to the correct place, reset your calendar:

What do I need to know?

  • You are only able to reset your calendar once within a 24 hour period
  • If you reset your calendar, your timetabled events will be reinstated, however appointments you have added will be unchanged
  • Timetabled activities are published to student and teaching staff University calendars, at the start of each semester. At some times in the year you may not see timetabled appointments, as they have not been released yet

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