Open another person's calendar

You can open another member of staff’s calendar to view their availability.

If they’re shared their calendar with you you’ll also be able to see appointment details:

  1. Click into Calendar
  2. Click the Add calendar button > From directory
  3. Type the surname of the person who’s calendar you want to open followed by a comma and their first initial or first name e.g. Acey, E
  4. Click Search Directory
  5. The name will be confirmed or you will be shown a list of names to choose from
  6. Choose a name then click OK
  7. The calendar will appear in the Navigation Pane under Calendars and will show next to your calendar
  8. You can close and open the calendar by selecting or deselecting it in the list
  9. You can open several calendars at the same time by selecting them.

View more than one calendar at a time

If you’re using the Week, Work week, or Month view and have selected more than one calendar, they'll be merged into a single view.

If you’re using the Day view, you can click the Calendar split button in the upper-right corner of the calendar window to show calendars side by side.

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