About email

All staff and students have a University email account. You can use this for sending email, making appointments, managing task lists and storing contacts.

About your email address

Your email account will have a standard email address in the format:

Staff username@leicester.ac.uk
You can also use the format username@le.ac.uk, although this is not recommended
Students username@student.le.ac.uk

Email storage

Your email account has 50GB of storage space.

If you are using all or nearly all of your storage quota you will receive email to inform you of this. If you exceed your quota you will be unable to send any further email messages until you reduce the size of your mailbox.

Email message size

There is a limit on the maximum size of email messages you can send, which is approximately 25 MB. The message size includes the size of the email text, any attachments and some details which are used to deliver the email.

Most email messages are much smaller than this and only become large when attachments are included.

If you are intending to send an email to a non-University email address, it is recommend that your attachments are less than 18 MB as some email providers may limit the size of emails they will accept.

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