Short Course

Short course accounts (sometimes also called temporary course accounts) are available to support activities that require the use of central IT services, where users do not have their own University IT account.

You may want to request some short course accounts if you are running a short course or conference and need delegates to be able to use PCs in a Student PC Area.

They are not intended to be used for members of staff or students who have (or should have) their own University IT account and will not be issued in these cases.

Short Course accounts normally last up to 28 days. We delete them promptly, the day after the specified end date. You should make sure anyone using a short course account removes any information needed from it before the account expires.

How do I request Short Course accounts?

Any member of staff can request a set of Short Course accounts by filling out the Request for a short course IT accounts form (login required).


  • You do not need to ask your Departmental IT Contact (DITC) to request them for you.
  • Requests should be made at least 7 days in advance of the first date they are required to guarantee that accounts will be available in time, and to allow time for processing. Details will not be released more than 7 days in advance

Your responsibilities

If you request a set of short course accounts, it is your responsibility to ensure that the users of these accounts are aware of the Regulations for IT users.

If we discover that an account has been used inappropriately, we may need to ask you to find out who had used a specific account. Use the Short Course accounts record formWord icon to record who you have issued specific accounts to. Each delegate will need to sign to accept that they are aware of the Regulations for IT users.

Usernames and Passwords

  • The usernames generated for Short Course accounts will take the form delegateX (where X is a sequential number) e.g. delegate1.
  • We will send details of the accounts (usernames, passwords and the expiry date) to the University email account of the person who requested them.
  • For security reasons, we will not supply details of the accounts to anyone who is not a member of University staff.
  • The password provided will be the same for multiple accounts. It is important that each user change their password when they first login to the account.
  • Each account must be used by only one person – they should not be shared amongst different people. You should request enough accounts for the number of delegates you have attending.

Password Resets and Extensions

We will only reset passwords for Short Course accounts, or extend them, at the request of:

We cannot reset passwords at the request of the user of a short course account - we have no way to verify they are the actual user.

Deletion of Short Course Accounts

  • Short Course accounts will usually be active for a maximum period of 28 days.
  • Accounts and content will be automatically deleted the day after the requested end date.

Acceptable use

Short Course accounts must be used according to the Regulations for IT Users.

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