If you are not a student or member of staff and need a University IT account, then you may be eligible for one as an ‘external’ if you fall into one of the categories below:
  • Agency worker - Individuals who are working for the University but are employed through an agency, for example Unitemps or Hays.
  • Collaborative worker - Individuals working with the University who are not paid directly by the University. This includes:
    • NHS staff and visiting academics (e.g. professors, fellows) who do not have an honorary contract
    • Short-term visitor who needs an IT account to collaborate with University staff or students
    • External collaboration using Office 365, such as a Team Collaboration Space
  • Supplier - Individuals working on behalf of a company that provides services to the university, i.e. the employees of third party suppliers.
  • MRC Toxicology Unit
  • Students' Union staff

Your account will be valid for up to one year from the date of issue and will need to be renewed annually. You will receive email warnings reminding you as this date approaches with instructions on how you can extend your account.

How to request an account

The Departmental IT Contact (DITC) in the department you are associated with will need to request an account for you.

Your DITC will need to confirm the following information to us when they apply for your account:

  • Your full name (including middle names)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your home address (For ID purposes only)
  • An office-hours contact telephone number we can reach you on
  • Whether you are based on campus
  • Whether you are working for more or less than 200 hours a year
  • Whether you will need access to the Library’s electronic resources/journals (previously known as ATHENS access)
  • Expected end date (up to 12 months)

Frequently Asked Questions

I work in MRC Toxicology or the Students Union, why do I have an external account?

What can I use my University IT account for?

Acceptable use

Before you use your University IT account you must agree to use it according to the Regulations for IT Users.

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