Request an additional account

You can request an additional University IT account in specific circumstances.

For example:

  • Role-based - a generic ‘role based’ account for a function you are responsible for in your department
  • Privileged account - if you need specific permissions/privileges to perform a task
  • Test account - you need an account for testing purposes

How do I request an additional account?

You can request an additional account by contacting the IT Service Desk.

How long can I keep an additional account?

These accounts will remain for the length that your main University IT account lasts, but you may request this account to expire at an earlier date if you wish.

How do I extend an additional account?

Contact the IT Service Desk to extend your additional account.

Short courses/conferences

You can also request sets of temporary accounts that are designed for short courses (or conferences) where the attendees do not have their own University IT account. Any member of staff can request these using the Request a short course account form.

Administrator account

In very special cases, where it is not possible to provide access in any other way, it may be possible to request an administrator account. If this is the case you can fill in the Request admin account on a PC form (login required) to make your case for this type of privileged access. This must be approved by your Head of Department and you will need to agree to the Code of Practice for University IT Staff.

Acceptable use

Before you use your University IT account you must agree to use it according to the Regulations for IT Users.

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