Account types

There are a number of different University IT accounts, dependent on the type of relationship you have with the University.


Postgraduate Researcher

If you are a student on a degree or similar programme of study you will be issued with a University IT account when you register for your course.

Postgraduate research students conducting PhD research for the University will be provided with University IT account when they register.



Available for directly employed staff. It is also possible to obtain an additional account to fulfill a departmental-role, for testing purposes or to give additional privileges/permissions.
Accounts are available for external people who are working with the University, but are not a student or member of staff.

Short Course


If you need to run a course or conference it is possible obtain one or more short course accounts.

Departmental accounts are available to facilitate departmental email addresses or calendars.

Acceptable use

Before you use your University IT account you must agree to use it according to the Regulations for IT Users.

Rules for University IT account transfers

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