Update your password in the Mac Keychain

University staff are required to change their password every 90 days. As a result, Macs connected to resources such as wifi and printers may stop working when this password is changed.

Passwords for network resources are stored in an application called Keychain Access. In order for network resources to work, you need to update the password(s) stored in this application.

Update your Keychain password(s)

You can find Keychain by selecting Go > Utilities and double click Keychain Access, or by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen and searching for Keychain.

Select Keychain Access

A list of currently stored Keychains will be presented. This may include your eduroam password, as well as passwords for any print queues you have added.

Select your Keychain

You will need to locate the resource for which you need to update the password. This may be called ‘eduroam’ for your wireless. For printers, this will depend on the name you gave them when you set them up.

The following example shows show to update the password for eduroam, but the same steps will also work for any print queues that have been added.

Double click the Keychain item you want to update.

Edit your password

Tick the box next to Show password. You will be prompted for your Mac login details. Enter these and press OK. The Keychain password will now show. You can then update this to whatever you recently changed your IT account password to.

Once you’ve confirmed this change, your wireless or printer access will resume.

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