Set your password reset answers

In order to reset your password at a later date, you will need to enter some answers to password reset questions.

What are the questions?

There are four questions in total and you must answer all of them:

  1. A meaningful date
  2. Place/city of birth
  3. Favourite colour
  4. Favourite fictional character

What answers can I give?

  • Answers are not case-sensitive but the format is important e.g. if you enter the date 10/11/12, this is different from 10.11.12. You will need to recall this answer to reset your password
  • Each response should be four or more characters
  • You can't give the same response to more than one question

How to set your password reset answers

On campus

Off-campus or using a personal PC or Mac

Set your answers on a University PC

When you login to a University PC for the first time a web page will appear asking you answers each of the four questions.

This is referred to as the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) Self Service Password Reset Registration tool and is an approved method to set your password questions. Follow the same steps to Set your answers using the online tool.

You can close the webpage, but you will be prompted to set your answers each time you login, until complete them.

Set your answers using the online tool

  1. Go to (Opens in a new window). If you are off-campus you may need to login using your University IT account. Enter uol\ followed by your username, then your password. Press OK to continue

    Website tool - Enter username and password
  2. Click on Next to begin

    Set your password reset answers

  3. As a security measure, you must enter the password of your University IT account. Click Next to continue

    Set answers - Enter Password

  4. Enter answers for all four questions. You can use any characters on your keyboard. Each response must include at least four charters and you cannot use the same answer for more than one question. Click Next to continue

    Set answers - enter answers

  5. Your password reset answers are now set. You will now be able to reset your password in future, by recalling these answers.

    Set answers - completed

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