I’m both a student and a member of staff – do I really need two IT accounts?

Yes, each of your accounts is linked to the systems that contain information about your studentship and employment status. There will be tasks that you need to carry out as a student (perhaps in Blackboard or through the student home page) for which you’ll need a student University IT account.

Similarly, there may be things you need to do online as a member of staff, for which you’ll need your staff University IT account. It’s not possible for us to create a single IT account that allows you to do all of these things (in some cases they may even clash with each other).

You can contact the IT Service Desk and advise us which account you would like to be your main account. This will be displayed in the University email address book. We can then hide your other account in the email address book and advise how you can automatically forward email from one account to the other.

You will still need to have two IT accounts, but it should be easier to cope with both of them.

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