I am leaving/retiring, what do I need to do with my University IT account?

Your University IT account will automatically expire at the end of your last working day at the University (we determine this from your record on the HR system). How much notice you get of this expiry will depend on how far in advance your leaving date is known – where possible, warnings are sent up to three weeks in advance of expiry.

Can I continue to access my University IT account after my contract ends?

All staff leaving the university are expected to ‘tidy up’ their files and handover work or files they are responsible for prior to their contract end date.  Line managers should support the member of staff leaving.

Staff involved in academic work (Teaching and Research) may, in exceptional circumstances, be able to have their university IT account extended by up to a month after their contract end date.  To request an extension you should contact your College Director of Operations (DoO), explaining why the extension is necessary. If approved, your DoO will contact the IT Service Desk themselves to extend your account.

Extensions beyond the one month period are not available.

Continuing to work?

If you are going to continue to work with the University in some other capacity e.g. consultant or collaborator, then the department you are working with can request an external IT account for you. This will be a new University IT account with a different username and email address and it will not be connected to your old HR record.

Emeritus Professors

If you are retiring, and becoming an Emeritus Professor, then you can retain your IT account and email address. This needs to be requested via your Departmental IT Contact (DITC) who must request the IT Service Desk to make this change – otherwise you may lose access to your IT account and email.

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