I’ve completed my studies and becoming a member of staff. Can I keep my old account?

In most cases, if you are becoming a member of staff, then you will need a new University IT account. This is because your staff IT account will be linked to your record in the HR system and you will need this to carry out various online activities in future.

As with all students finishing their studies you will not be able to retain your student IT account after the following month you graduate in.

PhD students

An exception can apply to PhD students, who are treated as members of staff for many IT services. If you can demonstrate that are continuing your research from the same field that you were previously studying you may be able to transfer your University IT account to a staff account. This will allow you to keep the same username and email address.

If you are in this situation, contact the IT Service Desk and they can facilitate the transfer of your student IT account into a staff IT account. If you don’t do this, you will be issued with a new staff IT account and email address.


If you are working through Unitemps and need a separate University IT account for your work with a department, then they will need to request you have an external IT account - you won’t be eligible for a staff IT account.

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