I am finishing one course but coming back to do another course what happens to my University IT account?

If you are accepted onto a new taught course, you will usually retain the same username for your University IT account. If this follows on immediately from your current course of study, then your previous files and emails will still be available.

If you have a confirmed place on another course at the University, then you can advise the relevant team and ask them to extend the expiry date on your student registration to allow your IT account to continue until you are able to register for your new course.

Staying on to do a PhD?

If you are staying on to do a PhD then you will get a new University IT account when you complete academic registration. The University, as far as possible, treats its postgraduate research students as early career researchers. Therefore as a PhD student, you are treated as a member of staff for many IT services and this means you must have a new account, with a new username. Your email address will also change.

At the end of your PhD, should you move on to become a member of staff, you will be able to retain this same IT account and email address without a further change.

Extending Student Registration Expiry Date

If you need to continue using your old IT account, until you are able to register for your new one, you can ask for your student registration expiry to be extended. However, you will need to forward emails and move old files from your old account to your new one yourself.

Contacts for extensions

Student Type Base Contact
Undergraduate On Campus studentservices@le.ac.uk
Undergraduate Distance Learning DL Hubs
Postgraduate Taught On Campus studentservices@le.ac.uk
Postgraduate Taught Distance Learning DL Hubs
Postgraduate Research On Campus and Distance Learning pgresearch@le.ac.uk

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