University IT account

All students are provided with a University IT account.

University IT accountThis gives you access to many IT facilities. You will need your username (e.g. abc123) and password to login to:

These facilities will only be available to you whilst you’re studying at the University. You will be given a University IT account when you register with the University.

Your Password

Do not share your password with anyone.

Set your password answersPassword reset

In order to reset your password in future, set your password reset questions now.

Reset your forgotten password

If you forget your password you can reset it provided you have set your password reset answers.

Change your password

If you would like a different password you can change your password.

Your files and storage

You have 500MB of storage space for your files. When you work on a University PC you should save your files to your personal Z: drive. Files saved here will be available to you on any University PC. Your personal Z: drive contains your Documents and Pictures folder.

Backed up

Files saved in your Personal Z: drive are backed up by IT Services, and they can be restored if you accidentally lose or delete them.

Access files off-campus

Students have access to 1TB of storage in a personal OneDrive account. This allows you to save and access files from any device.

You can also access files in your personal Z: drive (e.g. My Documents folder) off-campus using MyFiles.

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