OneDrive for Students

OneDrive is an online cloud storage location where you can save your University files and access them at any time, on any device. It is available to Undergraduate and Masters students. You can also share work and collaborate with your fellow students using Office online apps.

How do I use it?


OneDrive desktop icon

You get access your OneDrive by opening link on your desktop, or visiting from your web browser. From here, you can drag and drop existing files, share your work with other students or create new files in OneDrive directly. You can choose to edit files in the Online version of office apps, or choose to open them in the full version.


OneDrive is automatically built into Windows 10 and 8.1, as well as Office 2013. You can install Office 2013 at no cost on up to 5 personal devices. Once you have connected your University OneDrive account to either of these, you can save and edit files seamlessly from your OneDrive account.

You can also visit as you would on campus to access your files.

Collaborate with other students

You can collaborate on documents you may be working on with other students using Office online apps. You can share your work and see changes that are being made in real time.


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