Research computing

Research computingTo help you with your research, the following research computing facilities are available to help you develop, collaborate on and document your project:

What's available?

High Performance Computing

In your research you may need to simulate natural phenomena, mine large datasets, solve complex numerical problems, create visualisations and identify patterns. All this demands computing power and data storage space.

There are two high performance computing facilities at the University:

  • SPECTRE for interactive, small to medium scale processing
  • ALICE for large scale simulation and data processing in batches

LAMP stack

If you are developing web services you may wish to use the LAMP Stack for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP development.

Wiki for Researchers

Wiki for Researchers allows you to create documentation and information via a web browser. These wikis are easily editable by multiple researchers collaborating on a project.


If you need to share files with external collaborators you can use FileDrop to securely transfer files.

Subversion Source Control

Subversion (SVN) can be used by software developers to keep track of different versions of their source code.

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