Take a screenshot

When dealing with an issue, the IT Service Desk may ask you to send a screenshot so they can see what you are experiencing.

How to capture a screenshot

  1. Maximise the window of the application to ensure that the entire screen is captured.

    Maximise Browser Window

  2. Press the 'Prt Scrn' key on your keyboard.
  3. This will have taken a picture of your screen and placed this picture on your clipboard.
  4. You next need to add the picture to a Microsoft Word document. Open Microsoft Word on your computer.
  5. Once the blank document appears hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press 'V'. This is the keyboard shortcut for paste and will paste the screenshot into your Word document. If you need to provide more than one screenshot, repeat steps 2-5 for each screenshot.
  6. Next 'Save' the Word document and attach this to the email that you send to the IT Service Desk.

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