How do I transfer my bookmarks from Firefox to Google Chrome?

To move from Firefox to Google Chrome you will need to manually transfer your bookmarks by following these instructions:
  1. In Firefox, click on the bookmark icon (to the right of the star) and select Show All Bookmarks

    Show All Bookmarks
  2. Click Import and Backup and then select Export Bookmarks to HTML

    Export bookmarks to HTML
  3. Select a location to save your Bookmarks e.g. your My Documents folder. Rename the file to something memorable e.g. Firefox bookmarks.html if you prefer
  4. Open Google Chrome
  5. Click on the menu icon (three dots vertically) in the top right of the window
  6. Expand Bookmarks and select Import Bookmarks and settings
  7. From the dropdown box, select Bookmarks HTML File

    Bookmarks HTML
  8. Click on Choose File and browse to the file that you saved in step 3. Click Open to import your bookmarks

    Choose file
  9. Your imported bookmarks should now be imported. You can view your bookmarks from Menu > Bookmarks > Imported. If you wish to reorganise your bookmarks, select the Bookmark Manager option.

    Import bookmarks and settings

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