Windows 10 update – March 2018

The Windows 10 upgrade project has reached a significant milestone and some ‘early adopters’ are starting to upgrade to Windows 10. Find out some of things you will need to do to prepare to upgrade.

What’s happening next?

For the next month ‘early adopters’ will start to upgrade to Windows 10. They will be checking that processes that have been put in place to support the upgrade are working as expected.

If this all goes to plan, staff will be invited to request to upgrade to Windows 10. You will need to complete the Windows 10 upgrade checklist before you upgrade; a summary of this is given below.

Students will be upgraded to Windows 10 during summer 2018, as previously announced.

What can I do now?

These are some of the important things you’ll need to check before you can upgrade to Windows 10:

  • Programs are available on Windows 10 that you need for your work
    • See Start > All programs for all the programs installed on your PC
    • Some (but not all) of these programs may be listed in the Program Installer
    • Other programs may have been locally installed for you by an IT Professional
    • Compare the programs on your PC to those available on the Windows 10 programs list
  • Files stored locally on your PC – e.g. in C:\local data. Move these files to your personal Z: drive or other storage location if appropriate.
    • You may have old emails stored as a personal archive folder or .pst file on you University PC. You should not delete these files. Work is under way to identify how to help move staff away from using personal archive folders (PSTs).

Need IT help?

Find out more about IT Services including training and help at or contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253.

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