SAP and Business Objects now tested and available on Windows 10

You can now upgrade your University PC to Windows 10, if you require SAP Business Client or Business Objects, as these have now passed testing.


The new version of SAP client has been renamed from SAP NetWeaver Business Client to SAP Business Client.

Before you upgrade to Windows 10, make a note of your SAP NetWeaver Business Client Favorites as these will not be transferred automatically to the new client. The older-style SAP GUI Easy Access Favorites will not be affected.

Three reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

  • Office 2016 is installed, which brings many improvements including better integration with Office 365
  • You’ll be able to login and restart your University PC much quicker
  • A more modern and supported operating system, which brings new features

How do I upgrade to Windows 10?

See the prepare section of the Windows 10 upgrade project website to find out more. Here you’ll consider the services and programs you use day-to-day and whether now is the right time for you to upgrade.

There’s a checklist for you to complete, to record some settings that aren’t carried across, so that you can restore them after the upgrade. Once you’ve completed and saved your Windows 10 upgrade checklist, you can contact the IT Service Desk. They’ll make sure you’re ready, then schedule your upgrade date.

The upgrade will take roughly a morning or afternoon to complete, allowing some time to restore your settings and install programs.

Have a question?

If the Windows 10 upgrade project website doesn’t answer your question, you can contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 for help.

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