New features for Email Distribution Groups

Owners of Email Distribution Group can now manage additional features, such as message and membership approval.

New features

  • Membership approval – who can join an Email Distribution Group. You can choose:
    • Open -  Anyone can join this group without being approved by the Group Owners
    • Closed (default) - Members can be added only by the Group Owners. All requests to join will be rejected automatically.
    • Owner approval - All requests are approved or rejected by the Group Owners.
  • Delivery management - Restrict who can send to the Email Distribution Group:
    • By default, anyone with a University IT account can send messages to this Group
    • To restrict who can send to the Group, you can add Members or groups under the delivery management tab. Note: If you restrict who can send, emails sent by anyone else will be rejected
  • Message approval/moderation – if you prefer to approve/moderate some or all messages, you can enable message approval:
    • Group moderation - if enabled:
      • by default the Owners approves/moderates messages
      • You can alternatively specify individual group moderators
    • Senders who don’t require message approval – You can specify Members who’s messages will be delivered straight away and won’t need to be approved

How do I manage my Email Distribution Group?

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