Change to how University iPhones and iPads are managed

Airwatch will no longer be used to manage University iPhones and iPads, instead Microsoft intune will be used.

We have written to all staff who have a University iPhone or iPad to confirm this, with the following information:

How does this affect me?

If you currently use the built-in email app, called Mail, you will instead need to the Microsoft Outlook app to access your University email on your iPhone or iPad. This app will be installed as you setup Intune. You will lose access to email on the device for a short time as email is changed from using the built-in email app to Microsoft Outlook.

What do I need to do?

Follow these steps to install Intune on your University iPhone and/or iPad before 22 May 2019.

Uninstall AirWatch

  1. Go to Settings > General > Device Management
  2. Select the Device Manager profile, select Remove Management and tap the Remove Management button
  3. Enter your Passcode when prompted

Install Intune

  1. In the App Store search for Intune Company Portal and install the app
  2. Open the Company Portal app and tap Sign In
  3. Enter your full University email address in the format, press next
  4. From the University of Leicester login page, enter your University IT account username and password
  5. Tap Begin on the screen entitled setup Set up University of Leicester access
  6. Tap Continue at the What the University of Leicester can see page
  7. Tap Continue to download the management profile
  8. Tap Allow to download a configuration profile, tap Close at the Profile Downloaded message, tap Open in response to the message Open this page in “Comp Portal”.
  9. Go to Settings. Near the top you will see Profile Downloaded, On the Install profile screen tap Install (top right). Enter the passcode when prompted, tap Install (top right) and then tap Trust at the Remote Management prompt
  10. Go back to the Company Portal app, you should see the You’re all set! message, then tap Done

Install Intune Apps

After a short time, the Company Portal will prompt you to install some required Apps (if they are not already installed). These are:

  • Microsoft Outlook                         Access your University email
  • Microsoft OneDrive                      Store files and access them using your University PC
  • Microsoft Word                             View and edit documents, including Word, PDF
  • Microsoft Authenticator                 To be used in future to allow secure login

You can choose to install the required apps without waiting for your iPhone to prompt you, e.g. if you need Microsoft Outlook to get email right away. Go to Company Portal and the list of Apps will appear. You can also choose to install other optional Apps. The first time you use an App you may be asked to sign in. The App may need to restart to apply settings. When prompted by the App for notifications tap Allow.

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