Blackboard emails, to reply or not to reply?

You will now receive an email from if a member of staff or student sends you a message using Blackboard. This is in response to student feedback, where confusion arose around receiving emails from and not knowing whether it was okay to reply.


Students have told us that they are confused by emails they receive from They are not sure whether they should reply.

This arises because all emails sent from Blackboard come from this email address, regardless of whether they are sent from a member of staff, student or Blackboard system message.

What’s changing?

From now on, emails that are sent from staff and students using Blackboard, will now come from and you can reply to them. Your reply email will go straight to the member of staff or student rather than through Blackboard.

You may still receive emails which are system messages e.g. an assignment email receipt. However if you reply to these messages, it will be sent an email account that is not monitored. Instead, contact your course instructor or department about the content on Blackboard or the IT Service Desk for help with a problem.

Need IT help?

For information about Blackboard, see the Blackboard help or the Blackboard help for students pages.

Find out more about IT Services including training and help at or contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253.

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