How to ensure you're using eduroam wifi not The Cloud whilst on campus

Advice for what to do if your laptop, phone or tablet chooses to use The Cloud rather than eduroam wifi when on campus.

eduroam wifieduroam wifi remains the preferred way for staff and students to connect to the Internet whilst on campus and in any University that provides eduroam across the world.

With the launch of Visitor Wifi provided by The Cloud some staff and students who have used The Cloud before, have found that their laptop, phone or tablet connects to _The Cloud rather than eduroam. Here are some suggestions for how to overcome this:

The Cloud will give you access to the internet similar to if you are at home or café. You may find it is slower at peak times and not be able to connect to everything that you can when using eduroam wifi.

Need IT help?

You can get help from The Cloud by visiting their wifi support pages or email The IT Service Desk will not be able to provide support for Visitor wifi provided by The Cloud.

For help with connecting to eduroam visit or the Helpzone in the Library. Alternatively, contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or via email at if they are not available.

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