University antivirus program update - from 7 April 2014

The Sophos antivirus program on University PCs is being upgraded from 7 April 2014. When the update is installing, you may notice a few popup notices on your PC. You should restart your PC at a convenient moment when it has finished installing.

On access scanning disabled

An updated version of the University antivirus program (Sophos version 10.3) is being installed on University PCs.

When your PC is updated you may receive one or more popup messages on your PC (see image right).

This is normal and indicates that the program on your PC is being upgraded. You can continue to work whilst the antivirus program is being upgraded, however your PC may run a little more slowly whilst the update installs.

How do I know if I have the new version?

  • You may notice popup messages on your PC when it is being installed (as mentioned above)
  • The icon in the System Tray at the bottom right hand corner of your desktop will change. Click on the Notifications Arrow Notifications arrow to see if the icon has changed.
Old virus icon
Old Sophos antivirus icon – a grey shield
New antivirus icon
New Sophos antivirus icon – a blue shield containing the letter ‘s’

What can I do?

If you notice you have the new version of Sophos antivirus installed on your PC you should restart your PC at the next convenient moment. Alternatively shutdown the PC at the end of the day and turn it on the next day. The upgrade will then be complete when your PC has restarted.


From Monday 7 April 2014

The Sophos antivirus program on University PCs will be upgraded from this date in phases over the course of about a week, dependent on the type of PC or laptop you have.

Need IT help?

If you notice anything different about your PC other than described above, contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or via email at Please make urgent queries by telephone.

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